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Reviews: The Seagull at Open Air Theatre, Regents Park - June 2015
Photos: Hugo Glendinning & Johan Persson

"Matthew Dunster’s superbly acted revival of Anton Chekhov’s first masterpiece for the theatre... Janie Dee achieves just the right air of irresponsibility, exasperation and impishness and her scenes with Matthew Tennyson’s wildly creative, lovelorn, resentful Konstantin – a delicate flower wilting under her critical gaze – give you goose-bumps long before the sun-set."Dominic Cavendish, Daily Telepgraph 26th June 2015


"Janie Dee is an excellent Arkadina, making light of the character’s theatrical vanity as she skitters round the lawn with an affected girlishness." Michael Billington, The Guardian 25th June 2015


"Janie Dee revels in the role of self-obsessed actress Arkadina, twinkling around a picnic doing pirouettes to prove how supple she still is. Matthew Tennyson is brooding and petulant as her wannabe-playwright son Konstantin and there’s strong support from Lisa Diveney as a dark and pensive Masha. This is a high-flying Seagull." 

Fiona Mountford, Evening Standard 26th June 2015


"Janie Dee is utterly at home as the fading superstar actress, and she completely makes Irina insufferable and adorable all at once. The scene where she is comparing her attitude to life against Masha’s is pure comic bliss, and Dee makes it soar. Later, there is an almost unbearably beautiful scene with her estranged son, where she fluctuates from caring, caressing mother, bandaging a wound, to bored, annoyed prima Donna in the space of a heart beat. Dee is a fine actress and her work here is quite exquisite." Stephen Collins, 26th June 2015

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