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Reviews: Putting It Together at St James Theatre, London - January 2014
Photos: Tristram Kenton, Alastair Muir

“..the show’s glory is Janie Dee... She plays all the layers simultaneously: incredulous and wistful, chilly and carnal. Is she the best actor in Britain? Could be.“ David Jays, Sunday Times Culture


“But the agonized playfulness of its sexual politics recalls those masterpieces, and the performances under Alastair Knights’s brisk direction – particularly Dee as the embittered wife who retains a vivid memory of her lost idealism, and Sheen as the sharp-clawed, kittenish ingenue – are fiercely nuanced and intelligently sexy.” Jane Shilling, The Telegraph


“Dee’s slightly husky Manhattan accent is a joy. On Lovely she arches her eyebrows and casts poisonous glances at her pert, empty-headed rival. Everybody Ought to Have a Maid takes on a sweatier, sexier air as she and her male prey tear at each other’s clothes. What a party, what a night.” Clive Davis, The Times


“The show also highlights Sondheim's matchless ability to turn domestic dramas into playlets. There's a fine example when the sublime Janie Dee sings Could I Leave You? from Follies to David Bedella as her distraught husband: it's a song that packs a wealth of information about a rotting marriage into five minutes, and when Dee sings of "passionless love-making once a year" you can feel the knife being turned in the wound.” Michael Billington, The Guardian


"There are too many highlights to mention, but top of the list are Janie Dee’s comically demented Not Getting Married Today…" Lisa Martland, The Stage


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