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Reviews: 84 Charing Cross Road at Salisbury Playhouse - February 2015
Photos: Helen Maybanks

"Janie Dee catches the wit and the dash of acerbity in the writer, always a commission away from her dream trip... Dee is such a winning presence, warm yet with just enough edge that we'll forgive her anything." Kris Hallett,


"Helene is the hub around which the action revolves, of course. But Janie Dee isn’t acting. She is Helene. Funny, feisty and smart, we recognise her at once and follow her initial probes into Frank’s (Clive Francis) rather stuffy formality with attention which becomes deeper and more empathetic as the play progresses." Anne Hill, British Theatre Guide


"The production is graced by two splendid central performances from Janie Dee and Clive Francis, the one all American exuberance, the other all British reticence." Michael Arditti, Sunday Express


"the sublime Janie Dee" Sharon MacDonald-Armitage, The Public Reviews


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